Collaborations and Sponsored Content

From time to time I do collaborate with certain brands or companies. However, I only post about products, services, and brands I really enjoy and I am sure my audience will like as well.

I do accept some free samples and agree to get paid for a post, but my opinions are completely honest and I never recommend something if I do not love it myself. My articles are not affected by anyone or anything, and everything I write about is my own choice.

Content and Plagiarism

Everything you read and all photos are wre created by me – the owner and author of this blog –, unless stated otherwise and with links/credits where I found specific text or an image. Sometimes I s use royalty-free images I downloaded from websites like pixabay.com, pxhere.com and so on; and the credits will be displayed after you hover your cursor over the photo. Please, do not use my photos or parts of my content without permission.

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