Three Years Of University

I don’t even want to believe that three years have gone by so fast. On the one hand, I feel like I’m in uni forever, but if the calendar didn’t show me that time really flies so fast, I’d deny that my entrance exams or the first day of school were so long ago. I […]

Ako znížiť plytvanie jedlom?

Food waste is a huge problem in the world; and also is one of the stupidest. How is it possible that we meet almost every day people who dig in the rubbish bins, with photos and videos of children who are dying of starvation, while we have no problem throwing a banana into the bin […]

Ako podporiť pomalú módu

The phrase “slow fashion”, or more so that we shouldn’t support fast fashion, has been appearing more often in recent months. More and more people are beginning to realize that the way we buy clothes and even what clothes we wear, who sewed it, from what fabric and under what conditions, is not only unsustainable, […]

Pomalá ranná rutina

This semester was different from the previous ones because I only had school in one day – and the other four working days (because at the weekends I’m at work) I either wrote my bachelor’s degree thesis, prepared blog posts, or simply did all the duties I had to. The fact that I started these […]

Prečo byť minimalistom

First and foremost – of course, I’m not forcing anyone to think that they MUST be a minimalist. Nobody has to be. But over the past few months (or last year), I’ve started to focus on minimalism more than ever before – and trust me when I say I’ve seen more than a hundred different […]

Ako sa recykluje plast

More than two months ago I wrote about how to recycle properly; and in the article I mentioned that I would like to focus on each part of the waste separately, because although we know where to put a plastic wrapper, an old notebook or a glass bottle, most can’t imagine what happens to the […]

Ako vytvoriť kapsulový šatník

I’ve already introduced a capsule wardrobe to you in this article. If you haven’t read it yet, I will just briefly say that it’s a collection of several – most often thirty-three – pieces that a person wears during one full season. This method of dressing has several advantages. Primarily, it removes the burden that […]