Prečo nikdy nebudem minimalistom

I’ve been writing about minimalism on this blog for almost two years. During that time, I have shared many tips with you — on how to get started with minimalism, I have mentioned one essential tip for all those who are getting started with his lifestyle, I wrote my advice on topics like staying organized, […]

Pomalá móda pri malom rozpočte

I already wrote two blog posts about brands that focus on producing ethically and sustainably made clothes. Everlane, Reformation, People Tree or Creéme sound great — their pieces are made of certified materials, while making sure that they have the lowest impact on the environment, and their employees have a fair salary. The biggest disadvantage, […]

Čo jem cez deň / časť 04

Today I’m bringing you the fourth post in the mini series What I Eat In A Day; and today it will be a little special because it’s an example of what I eat when I’m at work. I eat breakfast, of course, at home, and I eat dinner at home as well, but when it […]

What I’ve Been Up To

Hello! After a long time I coming at you again in this form — because it’s probably time to bring you a little update from my life. Today it’s exactly four months since I moved to Zlín; and I don’t want to believe how fast it went by, because only recently I was sitting in […]

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

I have two younger sisters; and I was a role model for them since I was a kid. I was the first to go to school, to write the exam, to get an A. And because I wanted my parents to be proud of me, I wanted to be perfect in everything. At school I […]

Zariaďovanie domova ako minimalista

The main reason why many people are skeptical about furnishing a flat or a house in a minimalist style is the fear that it’ll lose its feeling of a home. Various decorations, paintings and photos, holiday souvenirs, a fridge magnet collection, small gifts, candles, vases, trinkets — this all is a part of every room, […]