Čo som si kúpila zo Zemito.cz

Zemito is an eshop with a wide selection of products for a more sustainable life. On their site you can buy zero waste household prooducts — everything from cleaning stuff to storing food in the kitchen — but also cosmetics, cleaning products, composters or even books and toys for children. It works on two more […]

Sociálne siete a mentálne zdravie

I belong to a generation that grew up on social media. When I was in primary school, Facebook gradually gained more and more popularity and quickly became a part of my normal day. Although I was at school with my classmates all morning, in the afternoon we all met on chat, wrote pointless statuses, poked […]

Prečo kupovať organickú bavlnu

I have already written about organic cotton in an article on sustainable materials. Since I didn’t want to overwhelm the post with too much information, facts and numbers, I commented only briefly on this fabric. But I want to tell you a little more on this topic — because I feel that although most people […]