Umenie spomaliť

Clear vase with a leaf on a white table.

Christmas is over, we’ll soon be celebrating 2021. It’s hard to believe how fast twelve months have passed, what has happened in that time, and how our lives in many areas have turned one hundred and eighty degrees. Many things have happened that no one will want to repeat again; but on the other hand, […]

Skladujete potraviny správne?

Clear food containers with legumes, oats, sugar.

In the post Reduce Food Waste, Berenika touched on the topic of food waste. It’s unnecessary to remind how absurd this problem is. On the one hand, there are people who have huge opportunities, a huge surplus and waste food. On the other hand, there are people who have to deal with the issue what […]

Veganské štědrovečerní menu

Christmas, or more precisely, Christmas Day, is a holiday when people all over the world sit down for a special dinner with their loved ones. It’s an event that is no longer reserved only for Christians and is celebrated by people across cultures. Many households prepare selected meals and all look forward to their typical […]

Jednoduché a bezodpadové Vianoce

Christmas is supposed to be a holiday of love, peace and quiet, when the whole family meets, enjoys time spent together, gifts something that will please another, and enjoys good food. However, due to the media, ads and a fast and consumerist way of life, Christmas has become a period of unnecessary waste, excessive garbage […]