Ako na minimalizmus

Digitálny minimalizmus

Minimalism doesn’t mean bare walls and no furniture. Minimalism is an entire lifestyle that involves much more than just the style of living – it is also in clothes, cooking, even in the digital world; and in this area I would like to look into with you today. I don’t even have to use the […]

Prečo je minimalizmus skvelý?

I recently wrote a post that I don’t buy clothes anymore – but basically I don’t really buy anything (except for food, of course). It has been a quite some time since I bought a new book, notebook, or candle for myself. Firstly, it’s because I started to seriously re-evaluate what I give money into, […]

Prvé kroky k minimalizmu

Since I learned more about minimalism, I was amazed. I was astonished at the people who were able to reduce their stuff so much that they only lived with a small amount of what they really needed and used. I read the article after the article, watched videos for hours and admired simple wardrobes, airy […]