Ako eliminovať vizuálny neporiadok

If you want to start with minimalism, first I recommend you to read the posts What is Minimalism, First Steps to Minimalism and Decluttering with KonMari, where I introduced you to the technique of cleaning and organizing according to Marie Kondo and I’m convinced that this is the most effective way how to put your […]

Prečo nikdy nebudem minimalistom

I’ve been writing about minimalism on this blog for almost two years. During that time, I have shared many tips with you — on how to get started with minimalism, I have mentioned one essential tip for all those who are getting started with his lifestyle, I wrote my advice on topics like staying organized, […]

Zariaďovanie domova ako minimalista

The main reason why many people are skeptical about furnishing a flat or a house in a minimalist style is the fear that it’ll lose its feeling of a home. Various decorations, paintings and photos, holiday souvenirs, a fridge magnet collection, small gifts, candles, vases, trinkets — this all is a part of every room, […]

Ako byť stále zorganizovaný

For several years in a row, as one of my New Year’s resolutions, I set that I’ll be more organized. The school, the afternoon activities, my part-time job, the blog, and other duties that I had to get done every day as their toll demanded that my room and personal belongings were often a complete […]