Ako byť stále zorganizovaný

For several years in a row, as one of my New Year’s resolutions, I set that I’ll be more organized. The school, the afternoon activities, my part-time job, the blog, and other duties that I had to get done every day as their toll demanded that my room and personal belongings were often a complete […]

12 vecí, ktoré už nekupujem

Naturally, since I became more interested in minimalism, I stopped buying many things. And for the simple reason – I found out I didn’t need them. We live in a world where ads and marketing campaigns give us the feeling that only when we buy their products we’ll really be happy – all you have […]

Upratovanie s KonMari

Over the past few months, Marie Kondo‘s name appeared almost everywhere – and especially on social media. But there’s no wonder – the series on Netflix called Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has gained tremendous success and has triggered a chain reaction in which people are getting rid of things and cleaning their homes. Although […]

Ako minimalizmus zmenil môj život

About a year and a half ago I became seriously interested in minimalism. Until then, I only watched various apartment tours, where people had furnished homes in this style, or admired photos on social media. I have always been fascinated by how airy and bright such rooms are, how simple are the closets, and how […]

Čo je minimalizmus?

I have written a few articles about minimalism over the past year. I wrote tips on how to start with minimalism, what to get rid of, what are the most common mistakes and even why be a minimalist. But the area I have not yet covered is what actually minimalism is. Of course, there are […]

Prečo byť minimalistom

First and foremost – of course, I’m not forcing anyone to think that they MUST be a minimalist. Nobody has to be. But over the past few months (or last year), I’ve started to focus on minimalism more than ever before – and trust me when I say I’ve seen more than a hundred different […]

Ako zabrániť vytváraniu neporiadku

We are a consuming society. We have tons of things at home, which we don’t need. Low price and easy accessibility thanks to shopping malls ensures that we keep buying more useless stuff; which only pile up and create more mess, that doesn’t look good, creates unnecessary stress and even after cleaning we feel like […]

Tipy na darčeky pre minimalistov

Finding and buying gifts for minimalists is not easy. They live with as few things as possible, own only what they really need, and what would undoubtedly please others, is just another useless thing for them. But if you want to give them something for Christmas, birthday or any other holiday (or for no reason […]