Digitálny minimalizmus

Minimalism doesn’t mean bare walls and no furniture. Minimalism is an entire lifestyle that involves much more than just the style of living – it is also in clothes, cooking, even in the digital world; and in this area I would like to look into with you today. I don’t even have to use the […]

Prečo je minimalizmus skvelý?

I recently wrote a post that I don’t buy clothes anymore – but basically I don’t really buy anything (except for food, of course). It has been a quite some time since I bought a new book, notebook, or candle for myself. Firstly, it’s because I started to seriously re-evaluate what I give money into, […]

Už nekupujem oblečenie

A new piece of clothing haven’t appeared in my closet for a few months. To someone this may seem strange, even I would have found this weird two years ago, but it is what it is. I don’t cry at home, I haven’t locked my credit card in a safe so I don’t buy something. […]

Pravda o rýchlej móde

Most people know what is hiding behind the clothes hanging in our closets. They know that they are pieces that are produced in developing countries, where people are working hard in poor conditions for little money. But that’s more or less everything. Normally, you will not find more details on this topic in television or […]

Prvé kroky k minimalizmu

Since I learned more about minimalism, I was amazed. I was astonished at the people who were able to reduce their stuff so much that they only lived with a small amount of what they really needed and used. I read the article after the article, watched videos for hours and admired simple wardrobes, airy […]