Ako zabrániť vytváraniu neporiadku

We are a consuming society. We have tons of things at home, which we don’t need. Low price and easy accessibility thanks to shopping malls ensures that we keep buying more useless stuff; which only pile up and create more mess, that doesn’t look good, creates unnecessary stress and even after cleaning we feel like […]

10 zdravých zvykov

The first third of this calendar year is almost over. Crazy, isn’t it? It seems like we celebrated the New Year only recently. And whether you write down some resolutions on the first of January or not, most of us enter the new year with a wish for it to be better than the previous […]

Tipy na darčeky pre minimalistov

Finding and buying gifts for minimalists is not easy. They live with as few things as possible, own only what they really need, and what would undoubtedly please others, is just another useless thing for them. But if you want to give them something for Christmas, birthday or any other holiday (or for no reason […]

Kapsulový šatník pre začiatočníkov

Kapsulový šatník definuje kolekciu niekoľkých základných kúskov, ktoré nikdy nevyjdú z módy, spolu s oblečením na rôzne ročné obdobia. text: Berenika — fotografie: SimplyBerenica Pojem capsule wardrobe alebo kapsulový šatník ste už určite niekde počuli. V poslednej dobe zažíva obrovský boom a postupne sa tento trend dostáva aj k nám. V skratke sa jedná o […]

Digitálny minimalizmus

Minimalism doesn’t mean bare walls and no furniture. Minimalism is an entire lifestyle that involves much more than just the style of living – it is also in clothes, cooking, even in the digital world; and in this area I would like to look into with you today. I don’t even have to use the […]

Prečo je minimalizmus skvelý?

I recently wrote a post that I don’t buy clothes anymore – but basically I don’t really buy anything (except for food, of course). It has been a quite some time since I bought a new book, notebook, or candle for myself. Firstly, it’s because I started to seriously re-evaluate what I give money into, […]

Už nekupujem oblečenie

A new piece of clothing haven’t appeared in my closet for a few months. To someone this may seem strange, even I would have found this weird two years ago, but it is what it is. I don’t cry at home, I haven’t locked my credit card in a safe so I don’t buy something. […]