Pomalá móda

Prečo kupovať organickú bavlnu

I have already written about organic cotton in an article on sustainable materials. Since I didn’t want to overwhelm the post with too much information, facts and numbers, I commented only briefly on this fabric. But I want to tell you a little more on this topic — because I feel that although most people […]

Jarný kapsulový šatník

Before we get into the post itself, I would like to thank you all so so much. Over the past few weeks, which have not been easy for anyone, you have continued to surprise me with your huge support. Thank you for every single message, questions about how I am, whether I’m fine and whether […]

Pomalá móda pri malom rozpočte

I already wrote two blog posts about brands that focus on producing ethically and sustainably made clothes. Everlane, Reformation, People Tree or Creéme sound great — their pieces are made of certified materials, while making sure that they have the lowest impact on the environment, and their employees have a fair salary. The biggest disadvantage, […]

Udržateľné materiály v oblečení

Worst material from which clothing can be made? Polyester. And the best material? Cotton. This is how most people would answer these two questions; and only because of the information on social media, the internet and from regular conversations. But it’s hard to tell which type of fabric is the worst — because polyester also […]