Pomalý život

Plánovanie v Google kalendári

I’m a person who likes to know beforehand everything they have to do in a certain day. I dearly enjoy making to-do lists. As a result, I don’t forget anything and I can schedule my time better – in the morning I try to do the most important tasks that I cannot move to the […]

Denná Self Care

Rainy morning. There are only a few items in your calendar, none in too important, and everything can be easily moved to the next day. Your mood is below a zero and the energy to do any activity is almost non-existent. We all experience such days; and it quickly turns into a self-care day, when […]

Ako dosiahnuť svoje ciele

I’ve always had a problem with achieving my goals. Now I don’t mean short-term ones, as a list of duties within one day or a week; rather, I mean goals that are for the whole year. Even I have many people around me who don’t have New Year’s resolutions, but everyone has some goals they […]

Pomalá ranná rutina

This semester was different from the previous ones because I only had school in one day – and the other four working days (because at the weekends I’m at work) I either wrote my bachelor’s degree thesis, prepared blog posts, or simply did all the duties I had to. The fact that I started these […]

10 zdravých zvykov

The first third of this calendar year is almost over. Crazy, isn’t it? It seems like we celebrated the New Year only recently. And whether you write down some resolutions on the first of January or not, most of us enter the new year with a wish for it to be better than the previous […]