Pomalá móda

Prečo kupovať organickú bavlnu

I have already written about organic cotton in an article on sustainable materials. Since I didn’t want to overwhelm the post with too much information, facts and numbers, I commented only briefly on this fabric. But I want to tell you a little more on this topic — because I feel that although most people […]

Jarný kapsulový šatník

Podelíme sa s vami o inšpiráciu na jarný kapsulový šatník — obsahuje dvanásť kúskov vrátane kabátu, topánok a kabelky; a všetky sa ľahko medzi sebou kombinujú. text: Berenika — fotografie: SimplyBerenica + everlane.com Ešte predtým, než sa pustíme do samotného článku, by som sa vám všetkým rada poďakovala. V priebehu posledných pár týždňov, ktoré neboli […]

Pomalá móda pri malom rozpočte

I already wrote two blog posts about brands that focus on producing ethically and sustainably made clothes. Everlane, Reformation, People Tree or Creéme sound great — their pieces are made of certified materials, while making sure that they have the lowest impact on the environment, and their employees have a fair salary. The biggest disadvantage, […]

Udržateľné materiály v oblečení

Worst material from which clothing can be made? Polyester. And the best material? Cotton. This is how most people would answer these two questions; and only because of the information on social media, the internet and from regular conversations. But it’s hard to tell which type of fabric is the worst — because polyester also […]

Ako dôkladne vytriediť šatník?

About a month ago, you could read the article Declutter with KonMari on the blog, where I told you about Marie Kondo and her profession, along with the tidying method she invented, which is called KonMari. The first item you should start with is clothing – mainly because most people have much more clothing than they […]