Čo jem cez deň / časť 03

I’m very pleased that you like What I Eat In A Day – when I think how long I postponed writing and preparing such posts just because I had the impression that my recipes were boring, uninteresting, ordinary and that you’ll certainly only roll your eyes at them; so you can probably imagine my excitement […]

Čo jem cez deň / časť 02

Honestly, I didn’t expect the post What I Eat In A Day to be so sucessful. But I’m even more pleased that you liked it and were interested in a second part. Therefore, I will not keep you waiting any longer with a super long intro – let’s get into it! Cocoa yoghurt with fruit […]

Čo jem cez deň / časť 01

I think Daria is not the only one who’s interested in what I usually eat; or more so what vegans eat during the day. When I switched to vegetarianism four years ago and eliminated meat from my diet, I did like the idea of eating only a plant-based diet, but I thought it was only […]