O Slow Fashion

Ako podporiť pomalú módu

The phrase “slow fashion”, or more so that we shouldn’t support fast fashion, has been appearing more often in recent months. More and more people are beginning to realize that the way we buy clothes and even what clothes we wear, who sewed it, from what fabric and under what conditions, is not only unsustainable, […]

Už nekupujem oblečenie

A new piece of clothing haven’t appeared in my closet for a few months. To someone this may seem strange, even I would have found this weird two years ago, but it is what it is. I don’t cry at home, I haven’t locked my credit card in a safe so I don’t buy something. […]

Pravda o rýchlej móde

Most people know what is hiding behind the clothes hanging in our closets. They know that they are pieces that are produced in developing countries, where people are working hard in poor conditions for little money. But that’s more or less everything. Normally, you will not find more details on this topic in television or […]