Cesta k zero waste

14 jednoduchých spôsobov, ako znížiť svoju uhlíkovú stopu

Zero waste shopping, straw bag, mason jar, vegetables.

Carbon footprint is a name for the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in all activities or production, use and consumption of products. It’s a trace left by human activity on the environment. These are primarily emissions of carbon dioxide, but also methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases, which retain heat in the atmosphere […]

Čo je uhlíková stopa

We talk about the climate change more and more — in the media, on social media, in schools. Tips on how to start protecting the environment are gaining awareness, more and more companies are taking the “green” initiative and are trying to change for the better with their steps. And if you don’t live in […]

Čo je “greenwashing”?

If you have been interested in sustainability for a long time, you’ve certainly come across the word Greenwashing; but for many, the term is completely unknown — even if we come across it every day. This move is used by several large chains and companies, an thanks to it they get under the skin of […]

Udržateľné nápady na darčeky pre všetkých (a pre každý rozpočet)

Christmas is just around the corner — and here comes the time of coming up with gifts, chasing around the shops and packing. But have you ever wondered how much waste you produce during Christmas? The wrappers in which the presents are, the materials they are made of, the wrapping paper that, after a few […]

Čo je udržateľnosť

Over the past year, the interest in environmental protection has increased several times. People are more aware of the importance of reducing our plastic consumption and waste production; and many companies are responding to it – package free shops open across the country where you can buy groceries and cosmetics without unnecessary packaging, you can […]

Recyklovanie papiera

Four months ago, a post was added to the blog titled Recycling Plastic, where you could read about what plastic is, what it’s made of, what kinds of plastic we know, but mainly how and why we recycle plastic. Today I bring you the continuation of this article, but this time we focus on paper. […]