Prvé kroky k zero waste

Over the last couple of months, the trend of a zero waste lifestyle arrived to Slovakia – or more so, more and more people are finally talking about it. Slowly but surely, across the whole country are being opened stores where you can buy package-free, on social media even celebrities remind you the importance of […]

Všetko o kokosovom oleji

For a very long time, I didn’t really linger over coconut oil. Although I heard from everywhere how amazing and versatile it is, I somehow didn’t believe it – and now I can’t even tell you why. When I started to get more into a zero waste lifestyle, suddenly, coconut oil was everywhere; and in […]

Hydro Primer od Alverde

Primer is an inseparable part of my daily make-up routine for several years. It has happened to me a few times that I did not wear it (usually because I ran out of the product, but I have forgot to use it sometimes) and the difference I can not only feel, but mostly see. For […]