Ako na vegánstvo

Ktoré rastlinné mlieko je najlepšie?

Plant-based milks are no longer something new. You can buy them in regular supermarkets, where their offer is quite wide, and many cafes offer the possibility of exchanging cow’s milk for soy, almond or coconut in drinks, and often at no extra charge. But since, in addition to the three plant-based milk alternatives mentioned, there […]

Najlepšie náhrady vajíčok

In October, I published an article about my favourite dairy substitutes. You could read about what kind of plant-based milk I like to use, where I buy vegan cheese, what is nutritional yest, or what my favourite ice cream is. Today we will talk again about plant-based alternatives to animal products — but together we […]

Najlepšie vegánske zdroje bielkovín

The most discussed topic about veganism is not about interesting recipes, about available plant-based alternatives, or about local vegan restaurants — but about where vegans get protein. Five years ago, when meat was a normal part of my diet, no one around me cared about whether my diet was balanced and whether I was getting […]

Vedeli ste o vegánstve TOTO?

Five years ago I decided to definitely stop eating meat. After a few days I found out how easy this step was, and I started playing with the idea that I would exclude all animal products from my diet — but it took me a long time. At the time, I was very discouraged by […]

Rok ako vegánka

I can’t even believe that more than four years have passed since I stopped eating meat, and more than a year since I said goodbye to all other animal products like milk, eggs or honey. But in advance I will say that my vegan diet is not very strict. Because it could be much better. There […]