Veganské štědrovečerní menu

Christmas, or more precisely, Christmas Day, is a holiday when people all over the world sit down for a special dinner with their loved ones. It’s an event that is no longer reserved only for Christians and is celebrated by people across cultures. Many households prepare selected meals and all look forward to their typical […]

Čo jem cez deň / časť 05

You enjoyed the preview of what my breakfast looked like throughout the week, which makes me very happy, and to this day I’m excited about every message you send me with how you loved any dish or it inspired you. In the future, I will be happy to prepare a continuation of the article and […]

Ktoré rastlinné mlieko je najlepšie?

Plant-based milks are no longer something new. You can buy them in regular supermarkets, where their offer is quite wide, and many cafes offer the possibility of exchanging cow’s milk for soy, almond or coconut in drinks, and often at no extra charge. But since, in addition to the three plant-based milk alternatives mentioned, there […]