14 jednoduchých spôsobov, ako znížiť svoju uhlíkovú stopu

Zero waste shopping, straw bag, mason jar, vegetables.

Carbon footprint is a name for the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in all activities or production, use and consumption of products. It’s a trace left by human activity on the environment. These are primarily emissions of carbon dioxide, but also methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases, which retain heat in the atmosphere […]

One Year Later

Sun mirror and white lilies.

It’s strange how much can change in a year. Twelve months ago, I moved to a new town, put together a bed and unpacked boxes with clothes and books, planned how I want to furnish this new apartment of mine and what I would buy here first, and during the rainy mornings I walked through […]

Let’s Start A B(r)and

Berenika and Pavel, faces behind SimplyBerenica

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes something new and unexpected happens. Something starts, you meet someone, other things develop, they move somewhere. Like this. Czech on SimplyBerenica! This is also the beginning of something new. The changes that we are preparing together with Berenica. Or rather which have already started… About a year ago, when […]