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  1. Oh wow I am super excited for you guys on your adventure and I am thrilled and cant wait to see what happens with your new blog and I totally agree with your friend Berenica about starting a You Tube Channel and with your expertise and cooking skills you would be well suited to starting a restaurant. I really dont know you that well but you have so much talent and have and still are an inspiration to me. Not only this but you have bent over backwards to help me with my blog and your patience is never ending.

    I will be praying for you both in this new venture of yours.

  2. Guys I’m so so proud! Can’t wait to see more from you! Keep on going. And Berenica, I’m extremely proud – you are an amazing young lady, my biggest inspo!

  3. Jee, to je tak skvělé! Zní to jako nějaký hrozně happy film na Netflixu, ale ona je to realita a o to se mi zdá jako pecka, moc vám držím palce! Na veganské recepty se podívám moc ráda, ale těším se i na vše ostatní!

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