Po roku

Sun mirror and white lilies.

It’s strange how much can change in a year. Twelve months ago, I moved to a new town, put together a bed and unpacked boxes with clothes and books, planned how I want to furnish this new apartment of mine and what I would buy here first, and during the rainy mornings I walked through […]

Let’s Start A B(r)and

Berenika and Pavel, faces behind SimplyBerenica

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes something new and unexpected happens. Something starts, you meet someone, other things develop, they move somewhere. Like this. Czech on SimplyBerenica! This is also the beginning of something new. The changes that we are preparing together with Berenica. Or rather which have already started… About a year ago, when […]

Bez motivácie

I haven’t had a very good period lately. I was in Slovakia at the beginning of July — we were at the cottage with my family in Lipovce. I was really looking forward to this moment, seeing everyone after five months was just amazing. Lipovce is one of my favourite places. Time always stops there, […]

Inšpirovalo ma / časť 04

It’s been a while since I posted an article of this format. On the previous blog, I used to write them quite often and I was very happy to do so, but lately I’ve kind of given up on it. I don’t know exactly what it is, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit … […]

Keď sa cítiš stratene

Since my birthday, somehow I can’t stop comparing what my life looked like a year ago and what it looks like now. Quite often, I look back on the past, remembering how I was worried then and had trouble looking for things that could bring a sincere smile on my face. The happiness I feel […]

O posledných troch mesiacoch

I wrote the last post of this type before all this madness in the world broke out. At the beginning of March, everything was still fine, there was no indication that the situation would worsen to such an extent that my daily stereotype would change rapidly. Suddenly I got stuck in a country where I […]

Už mám 23

Exactly a year ago, I was in Bratislava with my best friend, we were waiting together for midnight and out lout I sang song 22 by Taylor Swift. Today I’m somewhere completely different; in Zlín, in my own apartment, alone. And I’m twenty-three. A few days ago, I came back to the article I wrote […]