Otázky, ktoré by sa mal každý spýtať samého seba

The comments that I encounter under my articles can be divided into two groups – approving responses that often include own experiences, sometimes even a tip; the second are phrases like “I couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t know…”. I understand that. I know that not everyone has the same passion for veganism, minimalism or zero waste as me. A […]

Vitajte späť

Merry Christmas, happy new year and happy first of February! I know I haven’t been here for a long time – and I started writing this article with an explanation where have I been and why I haven’t been posting for a few times actually, but I had to put it aside, because new responsibilities […]

Nie som dokonalá

I have gotten very passionate about a zero waste lifestyle, minimalism and veganism in recent weeks. Probably every area of my life has changed in this direction – from where and what I buy, to who I’m watching on social media. In the one of the last blog posts on my previous blog, I said […]