What Is Carbon Footprint

We talk about the climate change more and more — in the media, on social media, in schools. Tips on how to start protecting the environment are gaining awareness, more and more companies are taking the “green” initiative and are trying to change for the better with their steps. And if you don’t live in […]

Ako eliminovať vizuálny neporiadok

If you want to start with minimalism, first I recommend you to read the posts What is Minimalism, First Steps to Minimalism and Decluttering with KonMari, where I introduced you to the technique of cleaning and organizing according to Marie Kondo and I’m convinced that this is the most effective way how to put your […]

Mangový krém od Kvitok

I’ll say it right at the beginning — I don’t like moisturizers. I never liked them and I probably never will. They all seem oily to me, they take forever to soak in the skin, and I associate them with the unmistakable, artificially sweet scent of strawberries or other fruits. That’s why I use a […]

Čo jem cez deň / časť 05

You enjoyed the preview of what my breakfast looked like throughout the week, which makes me very happy, and to this day I’m excited about every message you send me with how you loved any dish or it inspired you. In the future, I will be happy to prepare a continuation of the article and […]

When You Feel Lost

Since my birthday, somehow I can’t stop comparing what my life looked like a year ago and what it looks like now. Quite often, I look back on the past, remembering how I was worried then and had trouble looking for things that could bring a sincere smile on my face. The happiness I feel […]