Kapsulový šatník

Jarný kapsulový šatník

Before we get into the post itself, I would like to thank you all so so much. Over the past few weeks, which have not been easy for anyone, you have continued to surprise me with your huge support. Thank you for every single message, questions about how I am, whether I’m fine and whether […]

Ako dôkladne vytriediť šatník?

About a month ago, you could read the article Declutter with KonMari on the blog, where I told you about Marie Kondo and her profession, along with the tidying method she invented, which is called KonMari. The first item you should start with is clothing – mainly because most people have much more clothing than they […]

Ako vytvoriť kapsulový šatník

I’ve already introduced a capsule wardrobe to you in this article. If you haven’t read it yet, I will just briefly say that it’s a collection of several – most often thirty-three – pieces that a person wears during one full season. This method of dressing has several advantages. Primarily, it removes the burden that […]