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  1. For me sustainability at home its to slowly getting rid of polluting materials (plastic etc.) or liquid (cleaning spray etc.) and replacing them by product that do not harm any life . Also its up-cycling things (make new furniture our of old one!) . For example lately one of our 2 TVs break down for a lot of people its a trip to a shop to buy a new TV and put in the bin the broken one but for us its a trip to a repair shop. This TV is 7 years old and it was working fine until now. We ll do our best to have it fix even so we could easily buy a new one if we want to. For me sustainability its also repairing things that we already own and that can be repaired. If this TV cannot be repaired we ill make sure it goes for recycling.


  2. Keď som si to prečítala, mala som pocit, že sedím na prednáške na Filozofii ekológie 😀
    Tým to neber zle, vtiahlo ma to a celkom mám rada pojmy a ich vysvetlenie rôznymi inštitúciami. Ono je pravda, že sa nám raz tieto zdroje
    minú. No súhlasím s tým, že treba požívať/nosiť veci, ktoré už máme, kým sa nezničí.

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