Pomalý život

Umenie spomaliť

Clear vase with a leaf on a white table.

Christmas is over, we’ll soon be celebrating 2021. It’s hard to believe how fast twelve months have passed, what has happened in that time, and how our lives in many areas have turned one hundred and eighty degrees. Many things have happened that no one will want to repeat again; but on the other hand, […]

Zvládanie stresu

I’ve always had a problem with dealing with stress. Back in primary school, I considered it normal — after all, many situations were completely new to me, so it was understandable that I was nervous about them. But the older I got and the more I noticed my classmates, the more I realized it wasn’t […]

Denná Self Care

Rainy morning. There are only a few items in your calendar, none in too important, and everything can be easily moved to the next day. Your mood is below a zero and the energy to do any activity is almost non-existent. We all experience such days; and it quickly turns into a self-care day, when […]

Pomalá ranná rutina

This semester was different from the previous ones because I only had school in one day – and the other four working days (because at the weekends I’m at work) I either wrote my bachelor’s degree thesis, prepared blog posts, or simply did all the duties I had to. The fact that I started these […]