Ako na vegánstvo

Je mlieko zdravé?

A few weeks back I wrote about the dairy industry and what a cruel reality is hidden behind it. But when I was creating that article, I purposely avoided one topic because I knew I wanted to give it a closer look in a special post. We have all heard many times that milk is […]

Vegánstvo a nedostatky živín

Among the first questions that I had to face when people around me found out I was going vegetarian, was where would I get the protein. I always brushed it aside, because I knew that in dairy products and legumens I would get more than enough, but after I had decided that I want to […]

Prečo som prešla na vegánstvo

I have mentioned a few times already, that veganism is a bit more difficult for me than vegetarianism was. Excluding meat, meat products and fish from my diet was fairly simple, and basically it happened within a day, but milk, eggs, dairy products, and honey were a bigger step than I have expected – mainly […]

Prvé kroky k vegetariánstvu

There are two articles published on this blog that are focused on vegetarianism – my update after three years and a post dedicated to meat industry. Your positive comments made me very happy, but again I came across one sentence that I see quite a lot also on Instagram or in rea life. When I […]

Všetko o mäsopriemysle

I recently wrote my story about my transition to vegetarianism and my thoughts after three years and I was pleased by your reactions. Today I would like to talk about this topic a little bit more. After this change, I learned about things that have not only shocked me, but it did – and still […]

Tri roky vegetariánkou

I do not know myself how it is possible, that it’s been three years since I went vegetarian – but on the other hand, it’s been a very long time since I last eaten meat. I read the older article posted a few months after this change, but now I have a feeling that I […]