Ako na vegánstvo

Rok ako vegánka

I can’t even believe that more than four years have passed since I stopped eating meat, and more than a year since I said goodbye to all other animal products like milk, eggs or honey. But in advance I will say that my vegan diet is not very strict. Because it could be much better. There […]

Prečo vegáni nejedia med

Source: HERE. Picture is cropped and edited. Everyone can understand why vegans don’t eat mat, why they don’t consume milk and dairy products and why they avoid eggs. But many people don’t understand why vegans don’t eat honey either. I mean… the bees produce it for us, don’t they? It’s their only job, they produce […]

Ako prejsť na vegánstvo

Although many think veganism is just about the structure of the diet, it’s not quite true. Someone can eat only plant based diet and not be vegan. The difference is that the concept of “plant based” really covers only diets – the rejection of animal products; while veganism is a complex lifestyle that is against […]

Je mlieko zdravé?

A few weeks back I wrote about the dairy industry and what a cruel reality is hidden behind it. But when I was creating that article, I purposely avoided one topic because I knew I wanted to give it a closer look in a special post. We have all heard many times that milk is […]