Prírodná kozmetika

Ricínový olej a jeho výhody

I heard about castor oil years ago. It’s a part of many cosmetics such as hair products and nail polish, and I heard many good words on this little miracle, but I have been very skeptical for a long time — because not everything we hear is true; and whatever fits one may not work […]

Nebezpečné látky v kozmetike

Before I decided to switch to natural and vegan cosmetics that was not tested on animals, I was not at all interested in the composition of the products I used every day. I knew there would be ingredients in which would make me completely horrified and disgusted, so I decided to close my eyes, ignore […]

Slovenské značky prírodnej kozmetiky

The number of cosmetics manufacturers on the market is only increasing; and today we think of a person as successful when they have evolved from a makeup artist or make-up lover to creating their own brand. Counters in drugstores are full of products that fight with each other in colours, distinctive patterns, promised results. Nevertheless, […]