Cesta k zero waste

Môže jeden spraviť zmenu?

I bring my own bag to the store. I use fabric produce bags for fruit and vegetables instead of plastic ones. I have a bamboo toothbrush. I use cosmetics sold in paper, glass or without packaging. I refuse straws. I avoid single use products. I buy durable food in package free stores. I only buy new […]

Ako znížiť plytvanie jedlom?

Food waste is a huge problem in the world; and also is one of the stupidest. How is it possible that we meet almost every day people who dig in the rubbish bins, with photos and videos of children who are dying of starvation, while we have no problem throwing a banana into the bin […]

Ako sa recykluje plast

More than two months ago I wrote about how to recycle properly; and in the article I mentioned that I would like to focus on each part of the waste separately, because although we know where to put a plastic wrapper, an old notebook or a glass bottle, most can’t imagine what happens to the […]

Udržateľné nakupovanie

Every change begins within ourselves; and continues in dedicated time and money. Mainly changes in lifestyle. Because what we choose to invest in has a huge impact. If we don’t even move a finger, we can’t expect everything to turn a hundred and eighty degrees. But if we put energy and savings into something that […]

Ako správne recyklovať

Source: HERE. Picture is cropped and edited. Recycling seems to be a perfect solution to the problem of excess waste. A product is produced from the material, which, after use, is thrown into a coloured container where it will go into a factory, and there it will be transformed into something else within seconds. I […]

Ako používať menej papiera

Zero waste doesn’t only mean rejecting plastic. Plastics are among all common materials the most harmful, because they never decompose in nature (they only break into microparticles), many are non-recyclable and harm the environment; but zero waste lifestyle means not creating any form of waste. Paper is, of course, recyclable and compostable. This is why […]